Global Enlightenment: a Plan for World Peace

The Treatment
Global Enlightenment: A Plan for World Peace

Is an independent documentary film that interviews the world’s great leaders to discuss what we can do to create greater prosperity, happiness and peace on Earth? The film is broken down into 3 main parts: 

Part I - Meeting of the Masters, meeting the world’s greatest spiritual masters both Eastern & Western.

Part II - Enlightened Leadership, political, business and social change. 

Part III – Enlightened Visionaries – creative artists, actors and directors, recording artists, the people we see and hear and who have a passion     peace on earth. 

The profits of the film are shared amongst the charities of the key leaders

Narrator (Morgan Freeman?) sets it up. We live in an age of enlightenment. What is happening in the world: Technology, science, spirituality the world is evolving a higher consciousness – we are “enlightening”. Steven introduces what enlightenment is and serves as the guide to show us who these gurus and leaders are and what they think. First different celebrities will introduce the leader, then Steven begins asking the question: How can the world find happiness and live in peace? Then draws out from each leader action steps to help formulate a plan(s) to bring about these changes. By the end of the movie we are more enlightened and have a plan for world peace. 

 Gaming the Viewer

Steven will explain how the life force energy that animates our existence works, and demonstrate how we can measure and develop this spiritual energy and higher awareness. The audience will be given exercises where they can measure the energy shifts and states of consciousness they are experiencing while they are viewing! Moreover, they will also be able to access an app on their smart phone to track their progress while watching the movie. To our knowledge nothing like this has ever been done before in film. Then they can post their results online to make it virtual and viral. Today you need to have interactivity, so we are gaming. Between segments we come back and test our field strength and level of consciousness and track the progress of our enlightenment. Imagine that? 

Before each interview a celebrity will give the viewer a short bio on the leader. Visuals of India, ashrams, etc.). Full interview will recorded for the episodic series, whereas the best of each video will be used for the film. We will simultaneously be recording a “making of” film of the film. The following begins our “wish list” many of whom have already been contacted and agreed.

We are taking suggestions on who to meet with...

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Many of our interviews will be in groups with new thought leaders, artists and visionaries developing the vision of what our better world looks like. Mark Victor Hanson (Chicken Soup) & Crystal are bringing together visionaries from around the world to envision a better world.

We may not get every one of these people, but we have indications of interest from many and are just beginning to approach these leaders. We have intentionally drawn from many different and sometimes opposing and controversial figures, to 1 balance 2 add contrast and 3 drama to the story. Also, we want to draw the media in to give the movie more visibility. 

Those who are interviewed are also in a position to help promote the movie for the sake of the charities they represent. By the end of the movie we will have clearer ideas as to what we can do to create greater happiness and peace, and the audience is already engaged in making change.


We end with a concert, dance perhaps with children from around the world. I would love to get the United Nations to chime in and ask all the world leaders to meditate together. During the filming we get everyone interviewed to say “May the whole world live in peace” and we save that for the very end. One after the other, speeding up, until the end we hear a chorus of everyone saying it together at once. 

At the end, we invite the audience to test their energy field, reflect on what they have learned, and invite them to continue to track and share their growth to keep the energy going “viral.” 

Phase One: is to release the movie, domestic and foreign.

Phase Two: is to use the footage of each interview to create a series. This we can sell to a networks to pay per view online. 

Phase Three: The Enlightenment, episodic series, book, CD set and DVD.

By the grace of God. May the whole world live in peace, Steven S. Sadleir 949-376-8233 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Global Enlightenment: A Plan for World Peace.


Partners in World Peace will be spotlighted in film credits, television credits, talking books, printed books, featured on the website with landing page and links, co-branding, and given VIP status at events. We would also like to make a short video, commercial, highlighting our Partner’s involvement. $1,000,000.


Sponsors receive logo/photo or name placement in the production film credits, website and other media. Our intension is to spotlight Enlightened Leadership in the corporate sector and create a video that highlights what makes our corporate sponsors world leaders. $100,000.


Friends receive their name listed in the film credits and website, and first notification of upcoming events and invitations to VIP events. $10,000. 

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Steven S. Sadleir 949-376-8233