Global Enlightenment: a Plan for World Peace

Executive Summary

Global Enlightenment: A Plan for World Peace

A spiritual documentary film bringing the world’s great leaders together to create
an action plan for global prosperity, happiness and peace.

A Global Enlightenment, LLC film, by All Planet Studios.
Based on the Best-Selling book Looking for God by Steven S. Sadleir

Company Summary

Global Enlightenment, LLC (“The Company”) was formed for the soul purpose of developing, producing, and distributing entertainment with powerful messages such as Global Enlightenment, A Plan for World Peace.


The Company is seeking to produce the independent feature film Global Enlightenment: A Plan for World Peace. The production budget for this film is one million dollars ($1,000,000.), P&A another one million dollars ($1,000,000), for a total budget of $2,000,000. Pre-production has already begun, and we are currently looking to raise the initial one million to complete production. A sponsorship menu appears at the end of this summary.

Film Synopsis & Marketing Strategy

We are creating a plan for world peace. We are simply approaching the world’s greatest leaders and asking them what they think we can do to create a prosperous, happy and peaceful world – to create Global Enlightenment. We are going to religious leaders, political leaders, as well as economic, social, educational and artistic leaders, and asking them to share their perspectives, visions and what specific steps that we can take to create the world for our children’s future. They are enthusiastically responding and eagerly await our interview and production.

We basically follow the path the host, Steven S. Sadleir, took while writing his best-selling book Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World where he interviewed most of the major religious teachers of the world, and describes our social-economic-political state in his book Money & Power, the Secret History. But now we bring the viewer up close so they can see and hear for themselves what these sages and great leaders think, and be guided through their own enlightenment as they are viewing the movie. 
In addition to spiritual masters, eastern gurus, leading evangelists, and new thought leaders, we have a list of social, economic and civic leaders and peace makers, educators and scientists, plus political leaders from all over the world; as well as children and every kind of creative artist. Global Enlightenment differentiates itself by creating a constructive plan for world peace for the first time. As we look at other perspectives we gain greater perspective, and as we discuss meaningful ways to create peace via the media we are inspiring and giving people the means to make the changes that will make the difference.

First Interactive Movie

The movie is narrated: There is a primary narrator to introduce the big vision. Celebrity narration and guests (TBA) give us the background to the leader being interviewed, with Steven Sadleir, who sits with the leaders and guides the conversation into an actionable plan. In addition to engaging discussions, the viewer will be taken on a spiritual journey and 1.) be guided in interactive experiences as they are viewing that will take them into different states of consciousness, and 2.) the viewers will be engaged to interact in real time, with an app on their smart phone or notepad, and will or can be “gaming” while watching the movie, and connecting with others who are watching the movie all over the world to share their experiences and go “viral”. 

Fulfilling a Need: We are addressing humanity’s inherent desire for peace. We are addressing strong emotional triggers like fear and hope, and providing known brand names to provide the feel goods: answers, inspirations, direction and hope. The viewers will be guided to experience higher states of consciousness as they are viewing, and will enlighten. Each can test their progress throughout the movie and afterwards. 

Making a Profit for Non-Profits

Profits from the film and its products will be divided amongst the key charities that the leaders represent. Each becomes a stakeholder in the film and a pro-rata share of the movie profits will go to their charity. So by participating in our film, they are supporting their own causes. 

So if we interview the Pope we donate a pro-rata portion to the Catholic Church, if the Dalai Lama then to his organization, if a US President to his library or charity of choice. So those watching the movie know they are supporting good causes and supporting the movement. This also incentivizes the charities to promote the film which insures the films monetary success.


We are gathering an inner circle of celebrities and visionaries to our cast. With such visionaries as all-time best-selling (Chicken Soup) author Mark Victor Hansen and actress Lindsey Wagner, and dozens of others coming on board. We have celebrities giving the background introductions to their favorite guru or leader, leading news anchors and authors giving the background to our political leaders. We are going around the world to represent the world. 

Risk Management

1.The cost of the film is manageable. With an industry worst-case average of 5 to 1 – anticipated revenue to cost the movie can do only nominally well in theaters and still make a profit. We anticipate most of the profit coming from foreign rights, negative pickups, cable, pay on demand and syndication and eventually DVD’s. 
2.We also will also be making a second product – The Enlightenment Show - which is a serialization of programs based on the full interviews. This episodic program series will add significantly to revenue without additional production costs (just additional post-production costs). These episodic series can be sold pay- per-view online or sold for syndication – television, cable, satellite, etc.
3.We are simultaneously filming a “The Making of Global Enlightenment” movie for television, as well as producing talking books, a printed book from transcriptions, and other products that all contribute to the gross revenue stream. 
4.The film is PG rated, and includes some of the most recognizable faces in the world, and socially conscious documentaries are gaining in popularity and can be made profitably. 
5.We are using the most experienced spiritual documentary videographers and filmmakers and talent for this genre in the world. 
6.The talent itself becomes one of the best sources to help distribute and promote the film. 
7.The subject matter lends itself to a powerful public relations campaign and international promotion, and interviews on television and radio networks. 
8.We have built in a gaming component that makes the movie go viral.
9.The primary purpose of the film is to promote world peace, so regardless of how profitable the film is, it provides a service and true benefit to the world for years to come.


Global Enlightenment is working with several different distribution channels, branding opportunities, and products to create multiple perpetual and passive income streams. 

Time Table

Pre-production is almost finished, we are setting schedules for travel and filming and plan to travel and complete filming and editing the rest of this year for a release in 2015-16.


Gabreal Franklin (right) – Director of Photography/Producer

Gabreal Franklin is one of leading documentary filmmakers of our day, having interviewed such luminaries as His Holiness the Dalai Lama (numerous times), Desmond Tutu, President George W. Bush and a who’s who of spiritual, social and political leaders. Gabreal is a partner in All Planet Studios with a global network of film crews, editors and enlightened leadership.

His clients include: MGM, Le Studio Canal +, United Artist and Universal Studios, Disney, Buena Vista, TriStar, 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Polygram and Gramercy, and he has also done work for NASA, Lockheed, Intel, Apple, Oracle and the Ames Research Center. To date they have garnered over 14 industry awards. 

Gabreal has also produced media events, music sound tracks and has vast experience in pre and post production. We have a whole network of related organization he has worked with, and many celebrities who are anxious to work with us to add “star power”.

Steven S. Sadleir – Creator/Producer/Host

Steven Sadleir serves two roles in Global Enlightenment: screenwriter and host. Mr. Sadleir is author of several books, videos, audio recordings and DVD’s. He has been host of Enlightenment Radio for over 10 years, been interviewed on dozens of television and radio programs, and public speaking for over thirty years. Steven is director of the Self Awareness Institute and is a recognized Kundalini Master a Siddha Yogi, and is a preacher too. He appears (as himself) in two new motion pictures Spiritual Revolution (with Dalai Lama and other Spiritual Masters, and scholars like Professor Robert Thurman) and in 3 Magic Words (with Neal Donald Walsh and other new-thought leaders), and in 2014 he appears in his first television series for the Hallmark Chanel called Spirit Clips. His screenplay called Christ Enlightened has just been picked up. Global Enlightenment follows the journey Steven took writing his books.

The other role Mr. Sadleir plays is financial. Steven has a Master’s in Financial Economics and years of working in banking and investment banking, and has served as a fund advisor and fund manager. He has raised millions of dollars and set up financial structures in the billions. He has spoken at the National Association of Broadcasters on the subject of digital media and has assembled a powerful production team dedicated to the enlightenment of mankind. 

Production Team

We have an assembled a team of leading documentary film makers, editors and crew who are committed to this project. We also have dozens of celebrities and leaders who are committed to this film. The teams are in place, the first interviews are already scheduled. 

Revenues & Exit Strategy

Socially conscious documentary films are growing in popularity. As online digital media grows the market for documentary films is also growing, as are the markets to reach them. We are utilizing multiple income streams to earn revenues that will work in perpetuity to provide an income stream for all stakeholder’s charities. We estimate revenues from first theatrical release, foreign sales, subscription and pay per view, network television and DVD sales. We also will generate a whole series of interviews for television and a “behind the scenes & how the movie was made” productions, an epic sound track, and other revenue streams. 

Documentary Film Sales

According to Box Office Mojo, the top five grossing documentary films were:

1.Fahrenheit 9/11 $119,194,771
2.March of the Penguins $77,437,223
3.Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $73,013,910
4.2016 Obama’s America $33,449,086
5.Earth (2009) $32,011,576
6.Chimpanzee $28,972,764
7.One Direction: This is Us $28,873,374
8.Katy Perry: Part of Me $25,326,071
9.Sicko $24,540,079
10.An Inconvenient Truth $24,146,161

The top grossing documentary film made $119 million, the 100th made $1.4 million, the average for wide release was $29,639,283. We conservatively estimate that Global Enlightenment should make the top ten of documentary films based on the demonstrated interest in the subject and the talent promoting it. With the cast we have chosen and distribution we have we project domestic and foreign sales to exceed $30,000,000. In addition to motion picture sales, we are in a unique position to take advantage of other products and markets from the same content, such as:

Revenue Model

1.Theatrical Release Domestic & Foreign.
2.Global Enlightenment Show (entire interview) for television or Internet.
3.The Making of Global Enlightenment movie for television. 
4.Talking Books – Interviews will also be made into audio books.
5.Printed Book – Interviews will be transcribed into written word and published.
6.Products – DVD’s, Photos, possibly apparel.

Each of these revenue streams can easily generate millions of dollars that further support both the charities involved and the message itself. 

Sponsorship Opportunities for Global Enlightenment: a Plan for World Peace

$1,000,000 Partner in World Peace – Collaborative Partner with key positioning.
$100,000 Sponsors - Logo/Name placement in credits, website, media and materials.
$10,000 - Friends names will be listed in the film credits.

The profits will benefit worthy charities, but the film will reach millions all over the world and provides those associated with film an incredible opportunity for global visibility. Real change.

For further information contact:
Steven S. Sadleir
668 No. Coast Hwy. #417, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 949-376-8233